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1. What´s your shipping and return policy?
Ans: Please refer to the Shipping & Returns
2. Wholesale opportunity?
Ans: Please write to us to ask for Formosa oolongs wholesale opportunity. We are building up our Pu-erhs inventory so in the near future we will be able to provide pu-erhs for wholesale.

For business who interested in our teas, we will first send you samples of our teas for free. We, as a genuine tea grower, are able to vary the tea varietals/fermentation/roasting to best fit your customers´ preference. For example, you can ask "Oh, I like the White-tip jinxuan, but I would prefer a less fermentation feeling and longer roasting. And I like to have teas all in 100g vacuum packs." We can produce a batch to suit your requests!

About Tea
1. What´s Formosa Teas? Why are they so special?
Ans: "Formosa" refers to Taiwan. Oolong teas from Taiwan are widely recognized as the finest of all Chinese oolong varieties. The very suitable weather, the rugged geographic shape and rich soils/water, together with tea growers´s consistently pursuit to improve the tea quality, all contribute to the unparallelled fine quality of Formosa oolongs .

However, genuie Formosa oolongs are becoming more difficult to get, as oolongs from China, Vietnam or sometimes India all like to bear the name "Formosa" to them. We sincerely hope you try genuine Formosa oolongs from us, and you will understand the remarkable difference!

2. Collections of Tea Health Information

1. Antioxidative effect of teas.
2. The antioxidant acitivity of green tea and black tea are equally potential and effective.
Heart Disease
1. Drinking tea reduces the chance of myocardial infarction by half.
Bone Mineral Density
1. Tea drinking increases BMD, effectively reducing age by 5 years.
Cancer Prevention
1. Cancer prevention mechanism by tea drinking.
2. Inhibition of cancer cells by drinking tea.
Weight Control and Fat Oxidation
1. Oolong tea increases metabolic rate and fat oxidation by 12%.
2. Green tea has thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation beyond that explained by its caffeine content per se.

3. What´s hand-harvested tea? What´s machine-harvested tea?
Ans: Hand-harvesting is the traditional way to harvest tea leaves. It is usually done by women, as this job requires a lot of patience and tender-care. Mostly, they pluck the leaf bud and the first two or three leaves on a stem. More mature leaves deteriorate the quality of the tea infusion. Machine-harvesting is done by a two-men-operated machine. They hold the harvesting machine and walk in parallel to a row of tea trees. The following pictures explain the two ways of harvesting:

The easiest way to differentiate hand-harvested teas and machine-harvested tea is by brewing. After the tea leaves unfurl in the water, you can tell the difference: for machine-harvested teas, mostly you will see are tea leaves, but for hand-harvested teas, you will see the original and complete leafbud-stem-leaves system, just like they were just harvested from the tea trees. The following pictures explain the differences:

Usually, hand-harvested teas tend to be from higher-elevation tea plantations, and are of higher and finer qualities. Machine-harvested teas are more for the "mass" market. On the tea infusiuon performance, hand-harvested tea usually can last for 4~6 brews, and machine-harvested tea can do only 3~4 brews. But, again we need to stress this: tea leaves are only part of the whole art of tea experience. On the hand of very experienced and crafted tea makers, it´s not unseen for machine-harvested teas to win tea competitions! Also, the person who brews the tea (oops... it´s you and me!) is the final determining factor to the quality of "tea", isn´t it?

About Yixing Teapot
1. Should I worry about the smell in an used/seasoned yixing teapot?
Ans: A well-cared used/seasoned yixing teapot should not have more smell than a brand-new yixing teapot has. While you may need to be extra careful about the potential wax and chemicals in a brand-new yixing, the worst thing you may find in an used/seasoned yixing is only the tea stains.

2. What should I do about the teapot I ordered?
Ans: In our description, we will specify the current condition of the teapots. If it is said "clean" condition, you only need to use boiling water to rinse the teapot before brewing your own tea. You may want to "train" it for a specific tea only; simple use the teapot to brew that specific tea several times and throw away the liquor. The teapot now should be ready to use.
   Most of out teapots are presented in a very clean condition.
   If there are extensive stains in the teapot, we will also specify its conditions. Please feel free to ask us to clean the teapot for you. But we are not responsible for the lost of "patina" that you might like during the cleaning.

3. Should I concern about tea-clay matching?
Ans: No. Just like you don´t need to worry about what kind of engineered fabric should you choose for your summer swimming suit.
   There are quite a few other factors all affect the performance of a yixing, such as the initial decomposition of the clay, sieving of the clay, refining of the clay, firing temperature, size/shape, final burnish, etc. Simpliy saying one clay is especially good for one kind of tea is misleading and not helpful for you at all. To really consider a match, you need to think over extensively a range of factors. However, before even thinking about the "match", you should try to understand how well the teapot had been made from its clay.
   A sufficient and proper firing temperature in the kiln is ultimately important for any clay. When we chose our yixing collections, we paid extra attention to those factors. Our descriptions should be able to give you a good idea of our offerings.
   In short, clay-tea matching, no. Teapot-tea matching, yes but you need to understand what to look for. If you want more information, please feel very welcome to contact us!

About Pu-erh Tea
We collect and compile all Pu-erhs related information here.


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