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About Us

The above picture shows our lovely tea farm in Shan-Lin-Shi of Taiwan. The heavily sloped mountain gives the optimal drainage that tea trees love, but adds to the difficulty of harvesting and general management. But when you take a sip of our teas, you will know it is worth all efforts.

You may wonder "what does Hou De mean?"

Hou is the Chinese word for "thick, plenty of, rich in "
De is the Chinese word for good and proper behaviors.

Hou De Tang was the "house name" for my father family in HuBei China before 1949. My father, an air force Lieutenant General, left his family and went to Taiwan after the communism party took over China when he finally had the chance to go back and visit his family 40 years later, the whole house was under the water of a big dam.

We run Hou De Asian Art with our family pride, and the love to share with you the Best we can find.

What makes us different? We specialized in High-Grade Formosan Teas and Yunnan Puerhs with professionaliam and passion. Wo don´t carry over 300 kinds of teas, and we don´t carry out-of-nowhere Formosa Keemun, Formosa Lapsang Souchong or Vanila Pu-erh!

Great Teas, Good People, That´s all Hou De online experience is about!

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