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2004 Golden Tribute Melon Pu-erh, Green 500g

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Harvest Year: 2004 Spring

Production Year: 2004 Spring

Manufacturer: Yi-Wu Wan-Tong Tea Factory

Type: green melon

Weight: 500g

Description: An unique and rare 2004 Green (uncooked) Golden Melon from the private-owned Yi-Wu Wan-Tong Tea Factory. The green melon was made of true 2004 Spring-harvested tender leaf tips and leaves from Yi-Wu mountains.

The melon has a clean and clear appearance. The infusion, as shown in larger image, exhibits an elegant light amber color. The taste of this tribute melon is quite robust: strong astringency and slight bitterness with very lingering aftertaste. Chinese would call this feeling a strong "Cha Chi (Qi)". After brewing, we can certainly tell the "tenderness" in the leaves used for this melon. The aroma shows a nice blend of floral and camphor, woody feeling. This is a "wild" and complex young pu-erh! If you want to enjoy it now, pay attention to the brewing time and water temperature (we recommend a slightly below boiling temperature water). Given 3 to 5 years of careful dry storage, it will become a very fine and proud aged pu-erh.

Each order is one 500g golden melon in the original paper wrapping. Only one Green Melon left!

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