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The Ancient Tea Horse Road

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The Tea Horse Road wound its way through Yunnan, traveling thousands of kilometers down paths, round trails and over bridges, spread out like a web with strands reaching as far as Tibet, Burma, India and Nepal.

The brave men who carried tea along this road faced arduous cliffs and bridges, harrowing cable-crossings, bandits and thieves and the loneliness of the mountain nights. Even the tea itself seemed to grow wiser for having made the journey, though this great road carried much more than tea; it was as much a cultural thoroughfare, blending ethnic groups, art, music, religion and folklore.

And though the old trails are paved over, and it is now trucks rather than horses that carry most goods, the heroic men who blazed these trails can still be heard in the distance─laughing and singing to the beat of the jangling bells and clopping hooves.

In this epic adventure, Sian Yan Yun takes us with her on a journey to find this old road, as exciting as the original horseman carrying tea from Puerh to Tibet. The vistas of the land “South of the Clouds” are as vivid as the inner landscapes she traverses in her quest to find the ancient road, one of many leading as much through her own life as through history.
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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 15 February, 2017.
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