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2006 2nd SouthEast Asia Puerh Trade Memorial Cake, Uncooked 400g

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Harvest Year: 2006

Production Year: 2006

Manufacturer: Chan-Tai Tea Factory

Type: new green(sheng)cake

Weight: 400g

Description: The memorial cake for the 2nd South-East Asia Pu-erh Trade in Malaysia in 2006. Following the success and huge popularity of the 2005 memorial cake, Chan-Tai Tea Factory and Mr. Chen Chi-Tong again worked together to produce this memorial cake. What is different this time, as clearly stated in the nei piao (inner ticket), is that premium sun-dried mao cha from several different regions (Meng Hai, Jing Gu, Bu Lang) were blended under Mr. Chen's supervision to produce a totally unique and age-worthy production!

From the shape and the compactness of the cake, it is obvious that it was formed by traditional stone molding.

The liquor has an elegant light amber color with very good clarity. The aroma emitting the cake has an exciting fruity sweetness, and no hint of any smokiness at all. Clean and healthy. From the liquor, the aroma retains the same clean and fruity character. Taste is robust and solid, with a little bitterness in the back of throat, yet has a smooth and silky consistency. The bitterness quickly transforms to a hearty sweetness in after-taste, and lingers on. A solid performer on the right track for great aging potential!

Each order is 1 cake.

1oz sampler available

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 23 February, 2007.
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