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85~88 Xia Guan "Black-Labelled CIB" Jia-Ji Boxed Toucha, 100g

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Production Year: 1985 - 1988

Manufacturer: Xia Guan Factory

Type: aged green toucha

Weight: 100g

Description: Very rare and dry-stored mid-80's Xia Guan Jia Ji "Black-labelled CIB" toucha in its original box. "CIB" refers to the "China Commodity Inspection Bureau". Boxed toucha that carried this inspection labels were mainly for export, and were usually made of better grade leaves.

The wrapper, as shown below, bears zhong-cha "Ba Zhong" mark with Jia Ji letters on it. The surface of the tou appears pleasantly clean and juicy. The body is starting to feeling loose, and not like the usually super-tight XG tou.

Liquor exhibits a very clean and amber-colored quality. Aroma is exceedingly fragrant and sweet! It magnifies Xia Gua toucha's signatured flowery fragrance and adds plenty of ethereal sweetness with a touch of woodiness. The aroma and taste is less aged but definitely more floral than similar vintage cakes, and it seems common for boxed toucha comparing to cakes/bricks.

The liquor carries the enchanting fragrance. Comfortably smooth, with just a slight roughness and bitterness, that quickly ripples through the mouth and throat and becomes very lingering after-taste. Unfurled leaves are healthily green with a brownish tone, soft and flexible, indicating the pretty clean and dry storing history. A quite energetic taste, and given a bit more time to tame the edge and caramelize the aroma, it will definitely be a star. You can store the tou and save the box separately to facilitate the aging.

Each order is one cake.

10g sample of this tou is also available.

Bulk Discount: 2 pieces for 10% off.

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 04 May, 2007.
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