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2008 Winter Traditional Wood-Roasted Oolong Dong-Ding Master


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by frederick dannaway Date Added: 01/30/2009
Having sampled many of the roasted oolongs out there I found that they either were much too smokey or even charred in taste or else resembling hojicha, not that is necessarily a bad thing. But they roast either overpowered the delicate floral traces in the oolong or obliterated them all together. It was a snowy night around three am that I fired up the kettle in sort of that twilight of consciousness. I eyed out the dosage into the gaiwan and sat back for the magic to work. The aroma right away said this was going to be something special. There are not words in English to describe the taste without cliches. But its a malty, deep roasted wave that supports all the precious oolong notes into just about the perfect cup of tea I have ever had. Days later its echoes, in a pleasant way... It's in the blood now, a breath of cool air and the tea in its entirety returns. It's a presence, this tea. It lives on, returning when you least it expect to scent the air. Just writing about it with its enticing dual tea porn image above provokes a Pavlovian response. Its a wonder its legal.

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