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Mini Tea Roaster/Refresher, Handle up to 8 oz!


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by Danica Radovanov Date Added: 11/13/2006
This is an incredible product. OK, I only speak from limited experience because I am writing this review upon tasting my formerly stale tieguanyin wang after six minutes of roasting at 60. It was completely refreshed! (actually I think it could use another minute of light roasting and perhaps I could have stirred it a little in order to make it roast more evenly, but for a tyro effort this is pretty amazing) The first two brews were incredibly layered and flavorful, the third rich green hay and flowers with a clear note reminiscent of water, the fourth has more green and less flower, still quite a bit of complexity and rich aftertaste. I am brewing a fifth cup as we speak. What is most wonderful is that I thought this tea was a wash. In my effort to savor it only on special occasions I neglected to drink it while it was still good--a few days ago it tasted like hay water. I am so delighted to have it back, and to run more experiments on it (I also have a baozhong that I let wilt which I will now 'revive'). For real tea aficionados and for people who wish to be frugal with their teas, but have more than enough that some may go stale, I think this may be the answer. I love this mini tea roaster!

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