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85~88 Xia Guan "Black-Labelled CIB" Jia-Ji Boxed Toucha, 100g


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by SERGEI PEROTINE Date Added: 09/12/2011
This Puerh is actually appear really young and green. I got a 10g sample of it and can't find much difference from 2005-2006 good quality green arbor puerh cake (Dry stored) nether in taste nor appearance of used tea leaves. It's bitter if overstep even just a bit. Used tea leafs completely green. Very short steeps required (and good water flow through your teapot) to get taste of this tea. I guess that's what happens if tea Toucha stored in box with limited oxygen flow. Don't assume I saying it's a bad tea - no - It's just appear much younger then I've expected it to be after 25 years of aging.

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