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2007 Spring Xi-Zhi Hao "Ku Zhu Shan Ji Pin Gu Shu", 400g


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by Darius Wilkins Date Added: 11/18/2010
Going by a sample I've tried on several occasions, I would say that I disagree with the earlier review. It is not a weak tea. The problem is that the tea becomes insipid and bland after about the fourth brew. I think the soup is reasonably powerful actually, and it may well age ok--remember, teas change a great deal over the years, which is why mouthfeel, yun, and energy are more important considerations than taste if you wish to evaluate a tea for aging. If I were rich, I'd have no problems considering this tea for work with important guests and for simple refreshment--the broad honey taste after the initial brews, while boring, is really thirst-quenching. I also have had success adding a few grams of a cheaper drink-now Yiwu to make a really successful session.

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